Is Just2Trade a secure platform? Just2Trade Opinion
2024-06-06 17:21:59
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FxGecko's top 100 forex brokers you can refer to for selection. If it is not in the top 100, you should pay special attention to the broker's main white label relationships and risk tips.

Today, I want to help you evaluate a Forex broker. Recently some investors have asked if this forex broker is legitimate and reliable.

The name of this broker is Just2Trade, founded 19 years ago and ranked 90 in the world. 

Currently, we searched forex broker Just2Trade has 3 financial regulators registration information, investors need to pay attention to whether the broker is validly regulated.

FxGecko risk warning shows that Just2Trade has 17 risks. Investors need to pay attention to the relevant risk alerts for this broker.

Just2Trade has 10 MT4 servers and has 3 MT5 servers.

The master white label relationship shows that Just2Trade has 2 associated brokers. You need to pay attention to whether the associated brokers are running away. This is the business risk of the brokers and the past business history, which can be used as an important reference condition for selecting brokers. The broker relationship data comes from the data of MetaQuotes.

FxGecko has received 6  complaints about Just2Trade forex broker so far.

Investing is risky. FxGecko recommends you to check broker information on FxGecko before investing and avoid high risk trading platforms.

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