Regular Forex Broker Rankings
2024-05-10 15:30:32


In today's increasingly prosperous foreign exchange market, choosing a legitimate Forex Brokers is crucial for investors. This article will delve into the criteria for ranking regular forex brokers, helping investors understand how to select the right broker and the risks and rewards of forex trading.

Criteria for Ranking Regular Forex Brokers

When discussing regular forex broker rankings, it's essential to clarify the ranking criteria. These criteria typically include regulatory compliance, the stability and security of the trading platform, trading instruments and leverage, customer service quality, and trading costs and fees.

Regulatory Compliance

In the foreign exchange market, regulatory compliance is a cornerstone for protecting investors' rights. Legitimate forex brokers are typically regulated by authoritative regulators, such as the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. These regulators conduct stringent audits and supervision of brokers to ensure they comply with relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, when selecting a forex broker, investors should first consider whether it is regulated by an authoritative regulatory agency.

According to information on the FxGecko website, here are detailed descriptions of several forex trading platforms that rank highly on the regular forex broker rankings:

1. FXTM:

  • FxGecko Rating: 9.8

  • Licenses: 4

  • Number of Servers: 32

  • Number of Primary White Labels: 2

  • Number of Trading Instruments: 78

  • Regulatory Information: Regulated by the FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus, FSC in Mauritius, and FSCA in South Africa.

2. AC Markets:

  • FxGecko Rating: 9.0

  • Licenses: 2

  • Number of Servers: 2

  • Number of Primary White Labels: 0

  • Number of Trading Instruments: 74

  • Regulatory Information: Regulated by ASIC in Australia and VFSC in Vanuatu.

3. IC Markets:

  • FxGecko Rating: 8.9

  • Licenses: 6

  • Number of Servers: 148

  • Number of Primary White Labels: 12

  • Number of Trading Instruments: 139

  • Regulatory Information: Operating outside of limits with FSA in Seychelles, FinCom, ASIC in Australia, CySEC in Cyprus, SCB in the Bahamas, and CIMA in the Cayman Islands.

4. Ec Markets:

  • FxGecko Rating: 8.8

  • Licenses: 5

  • Number of Servers: 19

  • Number of Primary White Labels: 0

  • Number of Trading Instruments: 72

  • Regulatory Information: Regulated by FCA in the UK, FSA in Seychelles, ASIC in Australia, FMA in New Zealand, and FSC in Mauritius.

5. TMGM:

  • FxGecko Rating: 8.6

  • Licenses: 4

  • Number of Servers: 40

  • Number of Primary White Labels: 5

  • Number of Trading Instruments: 136

  • Regulatory Information: Regulated by FSC in Mauritius, FMA in New Zealand, ASIC in Australia, and VFSC in Vanuatu.

(Note: The information provided here is for illustrative purposes only and may change over time. Please refer to the FxGecko website for the latest and most accurate information.)

These platforms have high rankings on the FxGecko website based on various factors such as the number of servers, primary white labels, trading instruments, and zebra ratings. Their high rankings on the regular forex broker rankings indicate that they have a certain level of influence and credibility in the market. However, the specific choice of a platform still depends on individual needs and preferences.

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