May I ask where the data source for FxGecko comes from
2023-09-14 16:35:59

  FxGecko is an authoritative foreign exchange trader and IB query platform in the foreign exchange industry, providing accurate and comprehensive dealer information, including regulatory information, reputation, risk assessment, FxGecko appraisal, and popular information in the foreign exchange industry.

  The above is an introduction on the official website. In short, we can understand FxGecko as a third-party regulatory platform. Since it is a third-party regulatory platform, the authenticity of data is naturally the most concerned issue for investors. Therefore, the source of data is crucial.

  From the official website of FxGecko, it is not difficult to speculate that there are two sources of data for FxGecko.

  Part of it belongs to the comprehensive induction of information. Similar information such as regulatory license information, official website website, and establishment time are all source files obtained from the dealer's official website or regulatory agency's official website. FxGecko only helps investors collect information.

  The other part is unique to FxGecko. The data results obtained by FxGecko's technical team using their own unique set of algorithms, such as dealer ratings and trading system detection, can provide investors with certain reference. In addition, there are reports produced by the expert team of FxGecko, as well as actual survey data of traders by staff, which are all data produced by FxGecko using its own strength.

  The above is the approximate source of data for FxGecko. Investors who want to engage in foreign exchange trading can choose to check and test at FxGecko before investing in the transaction, with multiple tests and multiple guarantees. Finally, as a friendly reminder, problematic platforms must not deposit funds, and those with no issues should also be cautious. Investors also need to consider comprehensively.

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